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Flexible Wood Roll Panels - Scallop

Flexible Wood Roll Panels - Scallop

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Wood Roll Calculator

Enter the area dimensions to calculate the number of wood rolls required. Each wood roll measures 240cm x 120cm.

Area 1

If you're unsure about your calculations, please contact us. We're happy to double-check for you!

This style features softer curves forming a continuous pattern joining with thinner, sharper lines running up and down the roll. Creating somewhat of a wavy design for a more modern look and finish. The distance between each Scallop peak measures 1.5 cm for a beautiful ongoing pattern that will change the look and feel of any space.

** Please note the pattern of the Wood Roll runs Horizontally but each profile can be cut and joined for a continuous effect. Pictured is a smaller-sized cut for image purposes ** 

These Wood Rolls have a wide range of uses either decorative wall panels like bed heads or wall features to wrap furniture pieces or even cupboard doors. The material is made from wood pulp which is then machine-pressed into a mould to create the design. Installation is super easy as it can be cut to size with a sharp pair of scissors/Stanley knife and then adhered to a surface with liquid nails.

Wood Roll Specifications & Features

  • Made from real wood pulp
  • Range of profile designs to suit your project needs (3D Shaped designs)
  • Super easy to cut to size (as needed) and install
  • Pre-primed material needing a light sand before painting/staining or can be left in its raw state and finished with a clear coat

Having trouble picking your Wood Roll style? Why not try one of our Wood Roll Sample Kits

Please note that due to the size and weight, we are unable to ship our Wood Rolls to customers located in remote locations. Please speak to us about obtaining a quote to ship to your remote location prior to placing an order.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Wood Rolls?

Wood Rolls are a light weight and cost-effective alternative to heavy MDF panels such as Laminex. They are made using wood pulp, which is then moulded into a particular pattern, creating a 3D decorative look. They are designed and made to be flexible and bendable, making them ideal for use on curved walls or furniture. They are easy to cut with just scissors and can be adhered to surfaces with a strong Contact Adhesive. 

What surfaces can I use Wood Roll on?

Gyprock, painted walls, acrylic, wood or MDF as a feature wall/ceiling or even to wrap furniture. Just make sure the surface in clean and dry before installation.

What can I use to adhere the Wood Roll to my projects surface?

We recommend the use of a strong Contact Adhesive for best results. This can then be rolled and or brushed on before applying to your desired surface. This can be purchased from your local hardware store. 

What dimensions are the Wood Rolls?

Wood Roll is 120cm x 240cm


  • French Stripe = 2.5mm at highest point, 1mm at lowest point
  • Scallop = 2mm at highest point, 1mm at lowest point
  • Demi Round = 2mm at highest point, 1mm at lowest point

How do you cut these to size?

The Wood Roll range can be easily cut with a sharp Stanley knife. Simply measure your panel to size and score the panel several times for a crisp cut, then you're ready to add your adhesive and install.

Can I use Wood Rolls in wet areas?

We do not recommend you use Wood Roll in areas that will get frequently exposed to water. Occasional exposure to water or splashes is ok. We would however recommend sealing this with a clear topcoat for a lasting finish.

Can these be painted or stained?

The Wood Rolls are pre primed but we do recommend a light sanding to ensure and even application of painting, staining or leave in its raw state. We would always recommend finishing with a clear topcoat no matter how you decide to finish them.

Are they easy to join together?

For those that are wanting to make a continuous feature or pattern with the Wood Rolls, each panel can be lined up together to create this effect. On occasion and depending on how the roll was cut there may be slight gaps/join lines between each panel which can easily be fixed with wood filler for a seamless finish.

Still can't find the answers to your questions? Reach out to us: 

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Order a Sample Kit

Want to test our wood roll before you purchase a full roll? Order our sample kit and receive a small sample of each design profile of our flexible wood roll panels.

Order Sample
  • French Stripe

    Evenly spaced battens create consistant lines across the roll that can be used either horizontally or vertically.

  • Demi Round

    Half dowel fluted timber ripples across this roll creating a classic look and feel.

  • Scallop

    A mixture of soft curves coming to a linear point up and down the roll, creating a concave look with alot of texure.

  • Large Demi Round

    This larger profile is specifically crafted to embody the highly sought-after half-dowel timber appearance. With its captivating rippling curved lines, this design effortlessly instils contemporary design to your space.

  • Large Scallop

    A distinct design style that effortlessly combines gentle curves with sleek, straight lines. Our latest model creates a striking undulating effect for a sleek and contemporary touch. A distance of 3 cm between each Scallop peak.

  • Pointed

    The Pointed style boasts sharper contours arranged in seamless rows cascading down the sheet. With its almost pleated appearance, this design casts captivating shadows, adding depth and dimension to any space. Each point is precisely spaced 1.5 cm apart, ensuring a visually arresting pattern that promises to make a bold statement wherever it's applied.

  • bendable timber sheets decorative

    Flexible and Bendable

    Our Wood Rolls are flexible and bendable, making them perfect for use on curved surfaces - think curved walls or furniture.

  • pole wrap

    Light Weight

    At just 8kg per roll, lifting and maneuvering our Wood Rolls is easier than thick and heavy MDF panels.

  • timber flexible sheets

    Easy to Cut

    Installing our Wood Roll Panels are super easy. Simply cut using some scissors. No need for expensive jig saws or drop saws.

  • wood roll wrap for poles

    Easy to Install

    Installing our Wood Roll Panels is much easier than heavy MDF panels. As they are light weight, you can use liquid nails. No need for nails, screws, hammers or drills.

  • wrap timber around cylinder

    Ready to Paint

    Our Wood Roll Panels are primed and ready to be painted. Paint them to match the exact colour of your interior scheme.

  • Save Time & Money

    When compared to MDF panels from the big name hardware stores, our Wood Roll Panels are quicker and cheaper to install.

Perfect for DIY Renovations on a Budget

Our flexible and bendable wood roll panels are the perfect solution for anyone looking to create that feature wall look without the hassle of heavy and expensive solid wood panels from hardware suppliers. Our Wood Roll Panels are great for:

⬛ Feature Walls
⬛ Bed Heads
⬛ Cabinetry
⬛ Furniture
⬛ Front of Kitchen Islands

Installation Guide

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Katherine (Melbourne, AU)
Perfect solution for our cupboards

We used them in our laundry. We couldn’t use thicker wood panels otherwise it would have protruded the bench. These were thin enough and perfect for what we needed. Was really easy to cut, paint and stick!

Avon Che (Melbourne, AU)
Great product. Nice finish and efficient for the project.

It’s a great product that save me a lot of time for a front desk finishing instead of using stick timber. Very easy to cut just using utility knife. No nails or other fasteners. Simply spray glue it and it’s instantly gripped. Smooth finishing without nail holes that need to be patch, sanding after.
Got couple of minor scratches when we open the package. tried to wipe it to remove the marks but the marks still appear. so, we replaced with another cut. Please take a good care when packing.

Lyn Edie (Brisbane, AU)
Scallop panels

Easy to cut but do need two people to fit & glue if fitting to a larger area. Little difficult to join two panels together but managed it & quite pleased with the results.

Leah Cashman (Melbourne, AU)
A versatile product

A good thickness yet still easy to cut and apply.

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