Frequently Asked Questions - Stick on Tiles

What are Peel and Stick on Tiles?

Peel and stick on tiles are self adhesive tiles that are designed to be installed over existing tiles or other surfaces. They require no grout, are easy to clean, are inexpensive and can dramatically makeover your kitchen, bathroom or laundry with little effort.

What is the difference between Composite and Vinyl Tiles?

Our range of Composite and Vinyl Stick on Tiles offer a range of styles, colours and finishes to revamp your project space. The Composite Tiles are made from PVC materials with a laminate finish measuring 4mm in thickness. The Vinyl Tiles in our range have a glosser finish measuring 2.5mm in thickness. Both are incredibly realistic and easy to install, requiring a sharp stanely knife (and some silicone for a high quality finish) to complete your DIY project.

What surfaces can I use Stick on Tiles on?

Existing tiles, gyprock, glass, painted walls, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic surfaces. Just make sure the surface in clean and dry before installation

What dimensions are the Stick on Tiles?

Each tile does vary in sizes, be sure to read the Product information listed for each tile to confirm its sizing before ordering.

Can I use Stick on Tiles in wet areas such as showers?

We do not recommend you use our tiles in wet areas such as showers as they will not last long. We don't recommend using them on the floors in wet areas as this could a slip hazard.

Can I use Stick on Tiles on floors?

We do not recommend you use our tiles for flooring as we can not guarantee the longevity of the products on these high traffic surface.

Can I remove the Stick on Tiles?

Yes the tiles can be removed in the future, however may leave adhesive residue or lift any paint off in the removal process. We recommend you first heat up the adhesive glue using a hair dryer and then slowly peel them off. 

Is it safe to use Stick on Tiles behind the stove / hot plates?

We do not recommend you install the tiles close to any open flames or stove tops. Allow at least 30cm of distance between a stove top and/or open flame, to ensure tiles do not melt or catch fire.

How many sheets of tiles will I get?

We sell all our tiles by the sheet. The dimensions listed on each product are for a single sheet. If you order in quantities of ten (e.g 10 sheets or 20 sheets), then we offer discounted pricing. The below graphic further explains this. 


peel and stick on tiles australia


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See what our recent customers have said about our products and get inspired!

Based on 85 reviews
Flexible Wood Roll Panels - Demi Round
Sophie Shoesmith (Brisbane, AU)
Worked great for the ceiling in my van!

I was going to use wood dowel to line the ceiling of my van, but this turned out to be cheaper, less weight and far easier to work with. It was easy to cut with a pair of industrial scissors and fit around those weird corners and curves. It readily absorbs a stain and varnish, so I was able to fully waterproof it for use in my bathroom area. Great product! Highly recommend for DIY vanlifers:)

Herringbone Stick on Tile - All White
Holly Wilson (Sydney, AU)
Excellent quality and fast delivery

Overall extremely happy with product. Could be tricky to install, but also fine once I got the hang of it. Highly recommend.

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Light Grey Marble
Jayde Davey (Melbourne, AU)
Kit Kat tiles

These tiles look great on our updated fireplace.

Sample Kit - Flexible Wood Roll Panel
Andi Brown (Adelaide, AU)
Smaller than expected

The photos in my opinion looked like the design was bigger than it actually is. However it’s quality is fantastic

Sample Kit - Vinyl Tiles
Colleen Hooker (Sydney, AU)
Great product

Very happy with our Stick on Tiles. Order arrived promptly. Great product. Easy to put on. Happy with the results. Highly recommend 👌

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Jade Green
Alicia T (Brisbane, AU)

Shockingly impressive. So easy to apply. People are shocked when I tell them that they’re stuck on.

Exactly what we ordered

Stick on tiles++

Good looking, easy no grout req. Take time and great look. Bought more, underestimated qtd

Kit Kat Stick on Composite Tile - Grey Stone
Shannon Hurst (Brisbane, AU)

These tiles are amazing and easy to use!

Easy to bend

I love how flexible the product is as I want to apply it around corners. Prompt delivery.

Sample Kit - Flexible Wood Roll Panel
Gabrielle Al (Brisbane, AU)
Love the samples!

Fast shipping, quality products. Very excited to use these for my next project. The Demi round is stunning!

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Turquoise Green
Bianca Daynes (Melbourne, AU)
I am absolutely amazed by these tiles!

Everyone is shocked when I tell them they’re stick on ones! Unreal! Great product- I’ll be ordering more in future for my next project


Just love them

Feather Stick on Tile - Dusty Green
Marina (Melbourne, AU)
Awesome tiles!

I transformed my bathroom very easily and quickly with these gorgeous green tiles. I am very happy with the results.

Great tiles

Composite tiles are great. Gives stick on tiles more density for a real look and feel. Take the time to do it properly and it will look really good.

Eucalyptus tiles

The tiles were so easy to cut and apply. They are splash proof behind my sink and easy to wipe over. The finish looks like reel tiles!

Long Hexagon Stick on Tile - Dusty Green
Sneha Bhattachan (Melbourne, AU)
Easy to install and gorgeous

Managed to install this within a couple of hours and it looks gorgeous now! Colour is slightly on the light blue green side than green.

Easy to install and AMAZING results!!!

I couldn't be happier with the results after installing these tiles. I was so impressed with the Composite tile design and the quality of the tile. There are so many marble flecks in each tile for a real marble effect. The look and feel is incredible and everyone can't believe their stick-on tiles. I followed the recommendation and finished the edges with silicone. I highly recommend these tiles and now I'm looking at the rest of the range and where I can use this in my house!

Great alternative

We loved this option. Installation is easy to follow and a much more affordable choice when on a budget. The tile looks like the real thing.

Feather Stick on Tile - Pink
Lara C (Sydney, AU)
Stand out tiles!

These tiles were easy to apply and look great in our caravan!

Subway Stick on Tile - White
Niki Lower (Adelaide, AU)
Great look

We gave our kitchen a facelift and chose the stick on tiles to save money. I was super happy with the way they turned out. It makes a huge difference to the weird brown glass we had there beforehand. The only issue we had was we had to order more. The calculator didn't include the fact the tiles fit together so even with the extra 10% we were still 7 or 8 short. The delivery was super quick though, so didn't have to wait long.

Sample Kit - Composite Tiles
Arlo (Sydney, AU)
Great product

Great option to choose tiles you like to trial before you buy. The composite tiles are very good quality. Much thicker and sturdier than others I have seen.

Sample Kit - Flexible Wood Roll Panel
Richard Keane (Melbourne, AU)
Wood roll

Thought product was good would have preferred a larger profile

Great tiles!

Amazing tiles and service! Love the look and feel.

Flexible Wood Roll Panels - Scallop
Avon Che (Melbourne, AU)
Great product. Nice finish and efficient for the project.

It’s a great product that save me a lot of time for a front desk finishing instead of using stick timber. Very easy to cut just using utility knife. No nails or other fasteners. Simply spray glue it and it’s instantly gripped. Smooth finishing without nail holes that need to be patch, sanding after.
Got couple of minor scratches when we open the package. tried to wipe it to remove the marks but the marks still appear. so, we replaced with another cut. Please take a good care when packing.