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Transforming Spaces with Flexible Wood Rolls

Why Choose Flexible Wood Rolls?

Discover our budget-friendly and versatile alternative to traditional MDF panelling - Flexible Wood Rolls. Unleash your creativity with lightweight and flexible wood panels available in five unique design profiles.

  1. Variety in Design: Choose from our range of five distinct design profiles that cater to various aesthetic preferences. Whether you prefer a classic look or a more contemporary style, our wood rolls have you covered.
  2. Lightweight and Flexible: Experience the ease of working with our lightweight and flexible wood rolls. Cutting them to size, bending, and curving for your project's specific needs is a breeze. No more struggles with heavy and bulky wood panels!
  3. Versatile Applications: Transform any space effortlessly. Our wood rolls are perfect for creating stunning feature walls, unique bedheads, curved benches or desks, eye-catching kitchen island features, furniture wrapping, and enhancing ceilings with a touch of natural warmth.
  4. Affordable Alternative: Say goodbye to expensive and cumbersome MDF paneling. Our wood roll panels offer an affordable alternative, saving you both money and time during your renovation projects. Enjoy the beauty of wood without the hefty price tag.
  5. Customizable Finishes: Once installed, let your creativity run wild. Our wood rolls can be painted or stained to best suit your project's needs. Achieve the perfect finish and make your space uniquely yours. The panels can also be joined for a continuous and seamless pattern.

Wood Roll Sample Kits

Undecided on the perfect design? Explore our Wood Roll Sample Kits, carefully curated with a selection of three designs. These kits help you make the right choice for your space, allowing you to see and feel the quality before making a decision.

Transform Your Space Today!

Discover the endless possibilities with Stick on Tiles Australia's Flexible Wood Rolls. Unleash your creativity, enhance your space, and enjoy the flexibility and affordability our wood rolls bring to your interior design projects.

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Based on 108 reviews
Love the product - needed to order more

I love the product and it was exactly as advertised. I did need to order more and have since done so, but alas I couldn’t order as much as I needed so can’t yet complete my project.

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Pale Blue
Yvonne Rieper (Melbourne, AU)
Teal wall tiles.

They look great. Very happy.

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Moss Green
Jill brearley (Sunshine Coast, AU)
kit kat t8les

they were so easy to use . They look so lux I used them on a reception desk . looks amazing


They instantly modernise and transform a space. So easy to install however make sure you have a sharp stanley blade, very important to get a clean sharp cut if you need to reduce the size of them

Very happy with service

Very happy with the service and quality

Sample Kit - Vinyl Floor Tiles
Rena Muller (Sydney, AU)
Vinyl Floor Tile Sample Kit

The Sample Kit is a great idea. I was unsure which design I preferred but having them in front of me laying them down helped me decide on the one that was best for my home. Cost was reasonable to do this and I then felt confident to order what I needed..

Easy and great tiles to transform the kitchen!

I bought these stick on tiles as an easy DIY solution to upgrade the old splash back in my kitchen. They arrived really quickly and were really easy to cut and install, and you can almost never tell they are stick on tiles!

They look great and have really made my kitchen feel more modern. They have a 3d textured feel so it doesn't look like a sticker at all and is made of very durable material.


These tiles were easy to apply and cut, they stuck nicely to my mirrored kitchen backsplash! Would definitely purchase again for future projects!


This is the second time I have used these...they totally transform the space!

Kit kat Carrara marble

These tiles look amazing. Found them difficult to cut with a Stanley knife but so reverted to a power tool to assist with cutting. Relatively easy and cost effective revamp of our kitchen splashback.

The finish on the tiles are great. You have to touch them to realise that they aren’t real. They are impressive.

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Turquoise Green
Taylor Williams (Sydney, AU)
Completely changed our 60 year old kitchen

I couldn't be happier with these tiles. They have transformed our super old and outdated backsplash. I didn't mind the old tiles, but they were just so grubby and never felt clean and fresh. I was a little worried about how the tiles would stick as the original tiles weren't even, but the stick on tiles worked perfectly. The quality is amazing, they really do look like real tiles.

Along with painting the benchtops and cabinets and updating the handles, adding the tiles has made us love our kitchen and we'll definitely get a few more years out of it now!

There is a little mistake in the grout lines not being even in one section, which is entirely the fault of our unlevel bench and having the kitchen sink butting right up to the backsplash, not the fault of the tiles :)

Large scallop wood roll

I love the wood roll and it looks great on my wall.
The instructions for application where helpful and shaping it to fit wasn’t to difficult. I definitely will buy it again.

Tiles are pretty and good quality

The tiles arrived quickly and packaged securely. They are good quality and is easy to stick on however, I chose the herringbone pattern which was a real pain to cut and match up with all the triangle shapes so i would recommend a simpler pattern like subway tiles or squarish styles to avoid having to deal with angles. The result though is very beautiful, despite the pain of cutting them. Also I wish thst these were square instead of having triangle shapes cut out from them, then it would be easier to deal with, and less wastage.

Flexible Wood Roll Panels - Large Demi Round
Theresa Andrew (Brisbane, AU)

The product is amazing and the service was great! Highly recommend

Flexible Wood Roll Panels - Demi Round
Sophie Shoesmith (Brisbane, AU)
Worked great for the ceiling in my van!

I was going to use wood dowel to line the ceiling of my van, but this turned out to be cheaper, less weight and far easier to work with. It was easy to cut with a pair of industrial scissors and fit around those weird corners and curves. It readily absorbs a stain and varnish, so I was able to fully waterproof it for use in my bathroom area. Great product! Highly recommend for DIY vanlifers:)

Herringbone Stick on Tile - All White
Holly Wilson (Sydney, AU)
Excellent quality and fast delivery

Overall extremely happy with product. Could be tricky to install, but also fine once I got the hang of it. Highly recommend.

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Light Grey Marble
Jayde Davey (Melbourne, AU)
Kit Kat tiles

These tiles look great on our updated fireplace.

Sample Kit - Flexible Wood Roll Panel
Andi Brown (Adelaide, AU)
Smaller than expected

The photos in my opinion looked like the design was bigger than it actually is. However it’s quality is fantastic

Sample Kit - Vinyl Tiles
Colleen Hooker (Sydney, AU)
Great product

Very happy with our Stick on Tiles. Order arrived promptly. Great product. Easy to put on. Happy with the results. Highly recommend 👌

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Jade Green
Alicia T (Brisbane, AU)

Shockingly impressive. So easy to apply. People are shocked when I tell them that they’re stuck on.

Exactly what we ordered

Stick on tiles++

Good looking, easy no grout req. Take time and great look. Bought more, underestimated qtd

Kit Kat Stick on Composite Tile - Grey Stone
Shannon Hurst (Brisbane, AU)

These tiles are amazing and easy to use!

Easy to bend

I love how flexible the product is as I want to apply it around corners. Prompt delivery.