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Why Choose Peel and Stick on Vinyl Floor Tiles?

Our peel and stick on vinyl floor tiles are a game-changer in the world of flooring. Here's why they are the perfect choice for budget-conscious renovators:

  1. Affordability: Say goodbye to expensive flooring renovations! Our peel and stick on vinyl floor tiles offer an affordable alternative that won't compromise on quality or style. Save thousands while achieving a stunning transformation.
  2. Ease of Installation: Tired of complex installation processes? Our tiles are incredibly easy to install! Simply peel off the backing and stick them onto your existing flooring. No need for professional help – anyone can do it. Plus, they can be easily cut with a sharp Stanley knife to fit any space perfectly.
  3. Versatility: With a range of colors and patterns to choose from, you can easily find the perfect match for your style. Whether you're going for a classic look or a bold statement, our peel and stick on vinyl floor tiles have you covered.
  4. Durable and Realistic: Don't let the word 'peel and stick' fool you. Our tiles are not only budget-friendly but also durable and realistic. They withstand daily wear and tear, ensuring your investment lasts for the long haul. Enjoy the look of high-end flooring without the hefty price tag.
  5. Instant Transformation: Watch your space come to life instantly! Our peel and stick on vinyl floor tiles are the perfect solution for refreshing a room quickly and affordably. Say goodbye to ugly old tiles that you can't afford to rip up and redo – our tiles offer a stylish and efficient solution.

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Are you ready to experience the magic of budget-friendly, easy-to-install, and realistic-looking flooring? Don't miss out on the incredible benefits of Stick on Tiles Australia's Peel and Stick on Vinyl Floor Tiles.

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Flexible Wood Roll Panels - Scallop
Priscilla JEHA (Brisbane, AU)
Like Lightning!

Ordered this product and it arrived so fast! It’s comforting to have great service and I can’t wait to get my scalloped wood roll onto my breakfast nook bench seats renovation!

Splash back tile win

I wanted to update my kitchen slightly while I work towards a proper reno and found these tiles. I did a trial using much cheaper ones (they looked great but the adhesive was shocking!) I got the dark green KitKat tile, they were so easy to cut and install and the difference is incredible. I went the extra mile and used a silicone finish and that really helped make them look realistic. Highly recommend if wanting a quick and easy update.

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Turquoise Green
Tracey Rogers (Perth, AU)
Easy application and looks great!

We used the Kit Kat stick on tiles in Turquoise Green. The tiles were very easy to use and apply, including cutting to size and repositioning. They look great!

Hexagon Stick on Tile - Black
Danielle (Melbourne, AU)
Couldn't be happier with the result!

Purchased some stick on tiles to cover up a bathroom splashback I have never liked. Didn't think the result would be such a knockout!! I had to caulk around each seam to make sure it's waterproof, and it's completely changed the feel in the bathroom.
Would highly, highly recommend!

Subway Stick on Composite Tile - White
Jo Kelly (Launceston, AU)
Easy to install look great

Look great

Subway Stick on Tile - Turquoise Green
Dennis Adams (Sydney, AU)
Stoked with new look splashback

We love the new look of our kitchen with the stick on tiles being applied over the top of the boring old tile splashback. Easy to cut and apply. We've been recommending them to all our family and friends.

Feather Stick on Tile - Dusty Green
Paula Barnett (Sydney, AU)
Great customer service and help!

Great advice and offering a few different solutions when the tiles I wanted were not available immediately, I am very happy with the final look. The tiles are a great quality and look very real!

Subway Stick on Tile - Charcoal
Elle Packer (Brisbane, AU)
Love these

Bragging that I tiled my work kitchenette by myself 😂

Kit Kat stick on tiles Antique blue

Great stick on tiles, easy to apply. Nice pop of colour in the kitchen.

Quality Product with Great Results!

I am very happy with my purchase - for a minimum output, the end result makes a massive difference! The tiles are great quality and definitely something I would purchase again!

Stick on Tiles makeover

I rent and wanted a cost effective makeover of my kitchen floor. Stick on Tiles were the solution. They are easy to install and have transformed my kitchen. I'm thoroughly happy with my new look. I'd been searching for a long while for a design and Stick on Tiles caught my eye. Not only is there a good selection but quality was good. Australian company a plus. Just love the result.

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Jade Green
Ashley S (Hobart, AU)

LOVE the colour of these. They look great and very realistic. Super easy to install as well. :)

Professional results made easy!

Very happy with the Composite Tile used when cosmetically updating the kitchen - realistic look & feel and very strong adhesive back. I made any cuts using a jigsaw & used some leftover premix grout to make them extra realistic.

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - White
Jane (Brisbane, AU)
White Kit Kat Tiles

Very happy with this product. Easy to cut & place tiles & my backsplash looks much better. Excellent customer service also!

Couldn't be happier!

These tiles look and feel so realistic! I was a little unsure ordering them online without samples first but I would 100% recommend them. Adhesive seems really strong. I really couldn't be happier with them. Being the thicker composite tiles they are a bit harder to cut, I found short way cuts easy enough with a Stanley knife but long cuts quite tedious and I used a jigsaw for some I knew I'd caulk over :) however it's worth the time getting them right and still so much easier than actually tiling!
Just need to caulk them and they will be perfect!

Kit Kat Stick on Composite Tile - Matte White
Dominique Zehe (Brisbane, AU)
Great quality stick on tiles!

I've tried other tiles before (Kmart, target etc) they were all cheap vinyl tyles, impossible to get a good finish.

These composite tiles are the best. They look and feel like real tiles and are super easy to work with. I had to cut them down a little bit to fit our issue at all.
I can really recommend the composite tile.

Flexible Wood Roll Panels - Scallop
Katherine (Melbourne, AU)
Perfect solution for our cupboards

We used them in our laundry. We couldn’t use thicker wood panels otherwise it would have protruded the bench. These were thin enough and perfect for what we needed. Was really easy to cut, paint and stick!

Fish Scale Stick on Tile - Turquoise
Grant Madge (Brisbane, AU)
Stunning Results

Jake was an excellent communicator during the purchase and shipping process. I was a little worried about quality and look of the tiles but as soon as I opened the pack I knew I had nailed the perfect tile.

The installation process is a little tricky, but with good preparation measurements and planning it is much easier than the real thing.

And the look .... SENSATIONAL! So so pleased with the final results, it has just taken my bathroom to the next level.

Laundry Transformation

My laundry was dull and boring with big beige tiles. It needed some fun and colour. That is what I got we I put the green stick on tiles. Application was easy and quick and the effect is amazing. Everybody complements my tiling skills :)

Sample Kit - Composite Tiles
Kristy (Brisbane, AU)
Tiles look fabulous

Tiles look fabulous, very much like real ones. Easy to install, not so easy to cut though if you are working with small corners. Adhesive very strong, no chance of peeling, however that also means not very forgiving, make sure it’s in the right spot before letting it go

Vinyl Floor Stick on Tile - Terrazzo
gabe freeman (Melbourne, AU)
Great product!

Easy to apply and completely transformed our tired old bathroom

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Pink
Derek (Sydney, AU)
Pink peach kit kat tiles.

I've always wanted kitkat tiles for my splashback in my kitchen as I wanted to refresh the look and make it light and airy. I decided to give stick on tiles a go and was happy with the result. My only gripe was some of the sheets had a slight colour variation and there was a mix up with the original order with the number of sheets sent but this was quickly rectified.

Sample Kit - Vinyl Tiles
Derek (Sydney, AU)
Pink peach kit kat tiles.

I've always wanted kitkat tiles for my splashback in my kitchen as I wanted to refresh the look and make it light and airy. I decided to give stick on tiles a go and was happy with the result. My only gripe was some of the sheets had a slight colour variation and there was a mix up with the original order with the number of sheets sent but this was quickly rectified.

Love the product - needed to order more

I love the product and it was exactly as advertised. I did need to order more and have since done so, but alas I couldn’t order as much as I needed so can’t yet complete my project.

Kit Kat Stick on Tile - Pale Blue
Yvonne Rieper (Melbourne, AU)
Teal wall tiles.

They look great. Very happy.