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Designer Stick on Tiles

Vinyl Floor Stick on Tile - Black and White Star

Vinyl Floor Stick on Tile - Black and White Star

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Calculate How Many Tiles you Will Need for your Project

Tile Calculator

Firstly enter the dimensions of the Stick on Tiles and the area to be tiled to calculate the number of tiles required.

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If you're unsure about your calculations, please contact us. We're happy to double-check for you!

Bold star-shaped motifs featuring a striking interplay of black and white colour define these tiles, delivering a powerful contemporary aesthetic. While their design is elegantly understated, the end result exudes sophistication once they are artfully placed, boasting a seamless pattern across every tile that simplifies the installation process.

Our floor tiles are made from a thicker material (2.5mm), making each design more realistic and extremely easy to install and maintain.

To ensure you have sufficient tiles for your project, we encourage you to purchase a few additional tiles for any mistakes (measure twice, cut once).  

Don't forget we offer Sample Kits for our Vinyl Floor Tile range if you're still having trouble deciding.

Stick-on Tile Features 

  • Water-resistant 
  • Super easy to clean 
  • Realistic look and smooth finish

Why buy our Stick-on Tiles?  

  • Stronger tile adhesive (up to 2 times stronger)  
  • Thicker material for a more luxurious look  
  • A wider range of styles, colours and shapes 
  • Super easy installation simply cut with a sharp Stanley knife 

Tile Sheet Specifications  

  • Dimensions:  30.5 cm x 30.5 cm (12 inch x 12 inch) 
  • Thickness: 2.5mm, Standard across our whole range 
  • Sheets per pack:  10 sheets of tiles  

Factory Second Black and White Star Vinyl Floor Tiles

Discover our exclusive selection of factory second vinyl floor tiles, offering unbeatable quality at a fraction of the cost. While these tiles are pristine and brand new, some may exhibit faint lines through the printing process. Rest assured, these lines are barely noticeable, typically only visible upon close inspection. Once installed, they seamlessly integrate into your flooring, virtually undetectable to the naked eye.

To get a closer look at these faint lines, check out our detailed video:

Watch the video here!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Peel and Stick on Tiles?

Peel and stick on tiles are self adhesive tiles that are designed to be installed over existing tiles or other surfaces. They require no grout, are easy to clean, are inexpensive and can dramatically makeover your kitchen, bathroom or laundry with little effort.

What is the difference between Composite and Vinyl Tiles?

Our range of Composite and Vinyl Stick on Tiles offer a range of styles, colours and finishes to revamp your project space. The Composite Tiles are made from PVC materials with a laminate finish measuring 4mm in thickness. The Vinyl Tiles in our range have a glosser finish measuring 2.5mm in thickness. Both are incredibly realistic and easy to install, requiring a sharp stanely knife (and some silicone for a high quality finish) to complete your DIY project.

What surfaces can I use Stick on Tiles on?

Existing tiles, gyprock, glass, painted walls, acrylic, stainless steel, aluminium or plastic surfaces. Just make sure the surface in clean and dry before installation

What dimensions are the Stick on Tiles?

Each tile does vary in sizes, be sure to read the Product information listed for each tile to confirm its sizing before ordering.

Can I use Stick on Tiles in wet areas such as showers?

We do not recommend you use our tiles in wet areas such as showers as they will not last long. We don't recommend using them on the floors in wet areas as this could a slip hazard.

Can I use Stick on Tiles on floors?

We do not recommend you use our Vinyl/ Composite Wall Tiles for flooring as we cannot guarantee the longevity of the products on these high traffic surface, however we do have a range of Vinyl Floor Tiles!

Can I remove the Stick on Tiles?

Yes the tiles can be removed in the future, however, may leave adhesive residue or lift any paint off in the removal process. We recommend you first heat up the adhesive glue using a hair dryer and then slowly peel them off. 

Is it safe to use Stick on Tiles behind the stove / hot plates?

We do not recommend you install the tiles close to any open flames or stove tops. Allow at least 30cm of distance between a stove top and/or open flame, to ensure tiles do not melt or catch fire.

How many sheets of tiles will I get?

We sell all our tiles by the sheet. The dimensions listed on each product are for a single sheet. The below graphic further explains this. 


peel and stick on tiles australia


Still cant find the answers to your questions? Reach out to us: 

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Perfect for DIY Renovations on a Budget

Our Vinyl Floor Stick on Tiles are the perfect solution for anyone looking to renovate a Kitchen, Bathroom or Laundry on a budget. Suitable for use on many surfaces:

⬛ Smooth Concrete
⬛ Smooth Marble Floor
⬛ Smooth Wood Floor
⬛ Composite Flooring
⬛ Standard Gyprock and Plaster board surfaces

Installation Guide
  • Easy Installation

    Installation is simple, easy and perfect for DIY lovers. No need for a Tiler, grout or any expensive tile cutting tools.

    Installation Guide 
  • Bold & Bright Designs

    A range of Floor Tiles to suit any room, any style and any colour pallet. Shop the rest of the range now!

    Shop all Vinyl Floor Tiles 
  • peel and stick on tiles for kitchen bathroom laundry splashback

    Sample Kits

    Not sure what tiles to choose? Let us help you decide with our sample tile kits - just pick and click. Tile samples are always free, just pay for the kit and then redeem the cost as a discount on your final order. Final order must be greater than $200 in value.

    Shop Sample Kits 

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